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Miss a month, no worries! Here's a chance to order a SquintBox that you missed, try SquintBox for the first time or gift one to someone you love! While supplies last! JUNE Launch/Celebration: Blueberry Pie, Cosmo Martini (with a twist), set of 2 Designer Candles, Vintage Cosmo Magazine, Bottle of Red and an extension cord (just because) JULY/Summer Lovin': Starbucks Iced Latte, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Jar of Glass Gum balls, Assortment of Seashells on Ceramic Tray, Hand Painted Flower Pot and a Box of Tissues (just because) AUGUST/A Mini Affair: Decorated Porcelain Plate, Opera Cake by Pei Li, Wrapped Brown Paper Package Tied with String and a Designer Shopping Bag with UnMentionables (Bra and Panties, there...just mentioned them!) SEPTEMBER/Petitie Boite: Aged Pitcher, Flower Print by Mad Missy Minis, Caramel Apple, Classic Hamburger and French Fries, A Bouquet of Roses and a Parisian Decoupage Tray OCTOBER: Fallin' for Autumn: Basket of Yarn, Bunch of Ripened Bananas with a Banana Bread Recipe, Vintage General Store Sign , Set of Kitchen Towels and Dried Lavender NOVEMBER/Cheers!: Glass Bowl of Holiday Candies, Plum Pudding by Petite Provision Company, Set of of Gift Wrapped Packages, Designer Shopping Bag with Cosmetics and a Stack of Vintage Christmas Cards from the Victorian Era DECEMBER/A Winter Treat: A Rock Candlescape, Framed Ski Lodge Vintage Sign, Classic Slinky and a Loaf of Sliced Bread on a Board with Knife and a DIY Kit with Cinderblock by Mini Materials. JANUARY/A Little Romance: Stationary Kit (Marie/SheMakesBooks), Butterfly Terrarium (Judy Burris/Butterfly Nature), Cookies (Sharon Harbison), Valentine’s Surprise (Jen/MiniMakes) and Jewelry Set by SquintBox Collectibles FEBRUARY/Pure Fun! Decorative framed and glittered mirror with ribbon hanger, collector's mineral shadowbox, "Kitchen" sign, glass jar of pickled veggies by Sharon Harbison and hot dog by the Wondermint Shoppe MARCH/HIPPITY-HOPPIN' Framed floral print, spring floral wreath, nest of pastel colored eggs, glass jar of candies (Sue Kirkland, Home Petite Home Miniatures) and bakery box with salted pretzels (LDMG Miniatures). APRIL/ITS A SPRING THING: Watercolor reproduction by Dagmar Turnidge (Mini Decor Studio), Stack of Comics by Amanda K (Panda Miniatures), Fruit Bowl (Sharon Harbison), Topiary and Cherry Blossoms by SquintBox Collectibles. MAY/IT'S YOUR WORLD: Vintage Seed Box, Take-Out Salad, Stylin' Decorated Vase, Mini Gardening Book by Janit C and Mini Zen Garden by SquintBox Collectibles JUNE/Summer's Best: bow-tied rolled beach towel with a pair of coordinated flip-flops by Jen from DogMaCreations, a set of colorful picnic plates/napkins by Jackie from BrownsHandMade, a glass jug of lemon-infused spring water from Squintbox Collectibles and yummy bacon and egg on toast by Sharon Harbison! And a Pie!!! JULY/ITS ALL IN THE DETAIL: Shabby chic fabric-covered terra-cotta flower pot, matching trowel, gourmet box of chocolates milk (and white!), super-petite hand cut glass dish and modern victorian wall hanging. AUGUST/MAKE MINE MINI: Summertime memory box, Snake floor plant in decorative planter, rainbow cakes on glazed platter and netted bag of vidalia onions by Sharon Harbison! SEPTEMBER/A WEE BIT OF WARMTH: Wrapped door wreath, Trick or Treat Bag o Candies by Carol Ellingson/My Tiny Nest Miniatures, Leather Bound Journal by Cassie Leigh from Penny Press Miniatures, basket of breads and glass jar of pickles by Sharon Harbison. OCTOBER: Gather and Be Grateful: Yoga Mat and Blocks by BrownsHandmade, Gather and be Grateful Wall Hanging by Petite Provisions Co, cheese board by Polly's Pantry, Chocolate Cake and Mini Magazine by SquintBox Collectibles. NOVEMBER: So Happy - jar of honey by Sue Kirkham from Home Petite Home, a wooden candle lantern by Diminutive Designs, a felted tree ornament by Manuela Michieli, a glass vase of sweet huck branches from SquintBox Collectibles and hand-painted/signed mini graffiti art by Devon Smith from Awesome, Thanks.

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