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What is SquintBox?

Since the dawn of time, miniatures have delighted and excited the senses. Even the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were mesmerized by them. So much so, they took miniatures into the pyramids so they could travel with them throughout eternity!

Today, a whole new generation of hobbyists, collectors and enthusiasts are discovering miniatures, exploring the hobby and looking for creative ways to incorporate miniatures into their lives.

Welcome to SquintBox™ the new subscription box service delivering a hand-picked assortment of quality hand-crafted miniatures to your door each month in popular categories like food, flowers, books and accessories.

So get your monthly MiniFix for a devastatingly delightful assortment of miniatures. Use them for crafting, collecting, display or just because you LOVE how they make you feel!

How does SquintBox work?

First, choose and sign up for your plan: Monthly Plan, 3-Month Plan or 6-Month Plan. Discounts apply for multi-month subscriptions. Once you sign up, you automatically agree to the following month’s charges and plans renew until you cancel (see Cancellation Policy). Each month, your SquintBox features a delightful assortment of up to SIX hand-crafted miniatures in 1/12th scale (1”-1’).

What is included in SquintBox?

SquintBox delivers a hand-picked assortment of little treasures into your mailbox every month. We search the planet looking for the most delightful hand-crafted miniatures to send to you in categories like books, flowers, food and accessories.

SquintBox is about discovering new diminutive delights and bringing you a surprise assortment of miniatures - It’s like giving yourself a gift every month! SquintBox is packaged in a gift-like box! You can use your miniatures for craft projects, dollhouses or to display!

What is the Value of SquintBox?

While we know costs are important, we strive to include an assortment of tiny objects in SquintBox with an equal or greater value than what you would expect to pay at retail - and shipping is free to US subscribers! We also include exclusives, limited edition miniatures and fun contests and giveaways to make subscribing that much more exciting.

SquintBox™ also supports the miniatures' world by showcasing craftspeople and their work. Each month SquintBox spotlights a featured miniaturist. Subscribers are introduced to their work either through the monthly box news, select placement or social media-driven contests.

What is the SquintBox Cancellation Policy?

SquintBox ships during the 3rd week of each month and arrives by the end of the month. The Monthly SquintBox Plan automatically renews unless you cancel before the 5th of the month Your first month’s subscription may not be cancelled.

If you choose a 3-Month or 6-Month SquintBox Plan, you automatically agree and pay for the following month’s charges. Cancelling a multi-month subscription will not cancel and refund orders which have already been paid for but will only stop future renewal charges.